Malicious programs (malware) called Ransomware is capable of "hostage" important data can actually be said to be relatively new age of cyber crime in the world. He is known to carry out the action for the first time towards the end of 2013 and has Cryptolocker name.

The malicious program "Ransomware" is considered very dangerous. Because, if it had been infected with malware, the affected data encryption will not be restored by anyone, except the cyber criminals.
Ransomware, as the name suggests, is a type of malware that will be holding the data of victims by performing encryption of important data. If the data is encrypted by this malware, then the data will be encrypted in such a way so that the user can not see the original data.
Well, the data that has been encrypted is apparently can not be repaired by the user because they have to use a password to restore it. That password is "sold" by cyber criminals to decrypt the data reset. Even the antivirus companies can not help the victim, if the data is encrypted malware. 

To "buy" the password of the villain it was certainly not an easy matter. The reason, the grower Ransomware usually ask for money in the cyber currency, Bitcoin. Why should use currency Bitcoin? According to him, currently the currency Bitcoin users are not listed, could use pseudonyms. Address and other identification was not recorded. Therefore, criminals can be more secure transactions using the currency.
In fact, an antivirus institution, for the moment, can not help to restore data that has been encrypted. However, they do have some suggestions to avoid Ransomware.
One of them is to be careful when accessing a site. Avoid to download data from an unknown site. For your information, one way of spreading Ransomware is to impersonate the file downloads a well-known program.
This also applies to e-mail. Should not download unknown attachments or from an unknown person.
Backup data is highly recommended. If Ransomware has infected PCs someone else, he has the data from the backup so it does not have to pay for a copy to the villain.
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