Starting from when I was doing some trips and events that I experienced with my family, I want to be able to capture memories with a nice entry level DSLR. Because all my knowledge DSLR cameras have a much better quality than compact cameras. I tried to trace the internet browser engine to figure out what fits a DSLR camera for me as a beginner who wants a good picture quality and reasonable price (although it must be saved first). Finally can I find the camera of the famous brands Canon 760D and Nikon D5500 T6s alias as a target to be purchased. So the question arises where a better camera, the Canon 760D aka T6s or the Nikon D5500? They seem very close in terms of specifications. Is the D5500 worth the extra money? I'm looking to capture video as well so keep that in mind. Finally see the web to review the advantages and disadvantages between Canon 760D aka T6s compared with the Nikon D5500. Sorry this is not a review on the website but just sharing information that may exist from those seeking similar information.
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