Digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera is the most reliable shooter and consistent out there. Fast autofocus given, and large sensors ensure top-notch quality. Eyepiece optics is a must-have feature for many photographers who want to see what it looks like the subject, not the preview on the screen. The Company has made a DSLR camera for nearly a generation, and analog SLR their predecessors during previous generations. Thus, DSLR has access to an extensive selection of lenses, flashes and other accessories. As the technology is established, DSLR can provide entry-level models are generally less expensive than equivalent mirrorless camera or bridge option. DSLR also offers, reliable (and expensive) the most powerful pro models that in some cases literally battle-ready. Among the wide choice of models for any budget or skill level.  

Nikon D3300

Best Beginner DSLR

Replacing Nikon's popular D3200, the new D3300 offers intermediate-level performance with a beginner-friendly design and price. It shoots sharp 24.3-megapixel images and smooth 1080p video at a top-performing 60 frames per second — capabilities comparable to those of cameras costing hundreds more. Detail in photos is exceptional: We could read a tiny plaque on the corner of a house shot at a wide angle. Colors are not only rich, but faithful to how they appear in real life. There are some compromises for the price. The camera's 3-inch, 921K-pixel LCD does not tilt or rotate, and is not a touch screen. The D3300 also doesn't offer some of the advanced controls more expensive cameras have, but all the key settings are easy to access. The optional 18-55mm lens is smaller and lighter than its predecessor and collapses to make the camera even easier to transport. The lens produces little distortion, but the D3300 can capture better images with even slightly higher-end glass. Being a Nikon, this DSLR has access to hundreds of lenses, allowing the camera's capabilities to grow as yours do.

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