Mobiado, the luxury phone maker, and Aston Martin, the luxury car maker, are in cahoots, trying to co-create phones. The first prototype they've shown is a stunning transparent Android phone. No, don't go back to read that again, check out the concept renders - they are even more mind-blowing.
The Mobiado concept phone is called CTP002 is basically one big, transparent sapphire glass with two titanium edges on the left and right. The glass is a color capacitive touchscreen. We know it's only a concept and from a technical standpoint it seems all but impossible, but the Mobiado CTP002 is a joy to behold.

Still, Mobiado's plan to cram in the SIM card slot a chipset that's powerful enough to run Android and a battery with enough juice for the phone to run more than a minute is science fiction with today's technology.
But not having access to the technology of tomorrow doesn't mean you can't plan to show off today. Here's what Mobiado envisions you can do if you had the CTP002 and an Aston Martin.
The phone will connect with the car and its display. The car display will show a map with all local venues and your friends from Foursquare. The cameras integrated into the car can be set to snap a photo periodically and post it on Facebook or Twitter (nothing classier than telling the Internet how rich you are) and the CTP002's accelerometer will track the drivers body in case of a collision, giving the car's airbags better information on how to react.


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