Apart from many spy gadgets that you have seen, now making it more eco friendly, the Japanese company NEC has developed a wire less spy camera that generates power energy from fluorescent light bulbs. It is no longer only about saving electricity, it is about initiating power from these energy saving light bulbs. Technology always brings efficiency in the work and today when business demands prompt action and swift results. To meet these challenges, this unique eco friendly Spy Camera lets you save money and electricity by giving you unparalleled surveillance.

Basically, a ring-shaped component that is included in this spy cam which is wrapped around the light bulb. It uses an electro-magnetic induction to generate power for this particular spy cam. The fluorescent lamps which are connected to AC source shares the induction energy which is captured by the component of this spy cam giving uninterrupted power supply as long as the bulb is turned on. So you can now save electricity by this amazing spy cam for your home and office use.

All you need is 120mW to operate this Spy cam. The frequency of video can be adjusted automatically by its function accordingly with power consumption from fluorescent light bulbs. It takes images in every 10 seconds and supports different resolution of VGA, QVGA and QQVGA. A wireless LAN helps to receive the transmission.

This Eco-Friendly Spy Cam is definitely open doors to live a green life. Although light has to be turned on every time, technology will always move ahead to invent more powerful gadgets that will uplift our lives.

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