A system with a target of hacking officer Twitter has made theft of data from the site mico-blogging it. Twitter co-founder, Biz Stone revealed that in the day Wednesday (15 / 7), there is a theft of a number of internal documents, but does not have an account confidential information relating to the Twitter service. Theft of data is in progress since May in which a hacker known Croll Hacker has been named the email account from one of the executives in Twitter. From there, hackers can access the documents through a number of Google Apps account from Twitter.

Early this week, hackers began to release documents that are stolen to some new outlets. Documents that have stolen the information from the company meeting, the plan for television programs and details about the security system at the headquarters Twitter. Meanwhile, Stone gives assurance to users that do not have the account information from the stolen by hackers.

"It is important to note that the documents stolen hacker, which is downloaded and offered too many blogs and publications, including the account is not a Twitter user, except for one person and the screenshot you have to contact the person and recommend that he change his password. This is not a problem in the hacker Twitter service, but to personal attacks followed by the theft of confidential company documents. "Says Stone. ( source : News Article )


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